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Andy Stern has managed and sold over $1 billion in Malibu homes. As a former two-time Mayor and seasoned real estate expert, Andy is your key to unlocking the hidden opportunities in the Malibu market. His unparalleled knowledge and experience, from serving as a City Councilmember and Planning Commissioner to leading a Homeowner's Association, make him the ultimate guide to navigating the unique challenges and rewards of Malibu's real estate landscape. Andy is a recipient of Coldwell Banker's "International President's Elite" award. Across all of Coldwell Banker, he is in the top 2%. Don't risk leaving millions of dollars on the table. Secure your future with a partner who will maximize your value while minimizing your downside. Reach out to Andy today for a free consultation and start supercharging your Malibu advantage. Call (310) 804-1913 or fill out the form to the right (on desktop) or below (on mobile).

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Andy has been featured in:

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Andy provides unique concierge services to help you maximize your value

  • Seller Representation: Benefit from Andy’s strategic marketing and negotiation skills to dramatically raise your odds of selling your Malibu property at the highest possible price, in the shortest amount of time.
  • His vast network of buyers and local connections means massive exposure for your listing. Andy’s decades of local community service has given him a very wide network.
  • Andy took his negotiator skills from his former life as a lawyer to new heights in the real estate market. He is a skilled negotiator and works with clients who have homes ranging from 7 figures to tens of millions of dollars.
  • Andy’s immense knowledge of hidden local secrets means he is often able to uncover value to a property that other agents wouldn’t be able to find.
  • Buyer Representation: Let Andy’s expert eye guide you in finding the perfect Malibu property that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. His extensive knowledge of the local market ensures you will make an informed decision with confidence.
  • Moving to Malibu or relocating within the area? Andy’s personalized relocation services will make your transition seamless. Andy always goes above and beyond, helping you find the right neighborhood, schools, and community resources to fit your lifestyle.
  • Whether you want to find the right school for your children or the right beach house for quiet and serene enjoyment, Andy will show you the hidden gems of Malibu.

  • AI-driven marketing: Technology is at the heart of Andy’s marketing strategy. He works with an expert marketing agency to create AI-enhanced marketing campaigns. These campaigns use “big data” to laser target the buyers who are most likely to be interested in your unique home.
  • These strategies are new and powerful opportunities backed by Nobel prize winning economics research. A Deloitte analysis showed almost four times the buyer activity with just one of the techniques Andy uses.
  • Every seller desires the perfect buyer. AI and big data connects your home to just the right person to make the best offer. Plus, Andy is the only real estate agent in Malibu licensed to use this unique mechanism, including Mirrored Virtual Showings™.
  • This proprietary approach takes a “mirror” to different buyer profiles. This makes ads much more relatable to different types of people. Specifically, each ad reflects back exactly the aspects of a home that would most appeal to a specific person. All of this is done with state of the art AI and big data.
  • Because Andy is the only agent in Malibu licensed to use Mirrored Virtual Showings™, you can have confidence that the best features of your home will be surfaced in a way that maximally appeals to each unique person.
  • We can even go so far as to highlight the aspects of your home most appealing to different demographics and buyer profiles, all backed by their data and best in class marketing technology.
  • If you’re selling a Malibu home and you want the only agent authorized to use these incredible marketing systems, Andy is the only agent for you.
  • Sales focused on connecting a buyer’s emotions and life story to what makes your home unique: Every buyer has a unique life story. They have specific emotions, pain points, desires, and priorities. Homes and neighborhoods have their own unique stories too. Andy believes sales should focus on how these two unique stories meet in the middle.
  •  The traditional ways of selling a house are terrible. Yet too many agents still use them. In the book “The Everything Guide To Being A Real Estate Agent,” the author suggests focusing on boring factual details like “wood floors,” “plumbing,” or “wiring upgrades.” This is just terrible. Sure, an agent should always be aware of the dry factual stuff about a home. But it’s hardly the most compelling thing to focus on.
  • It’s best to take the raw materials of a home and a neighborhood and grip people with a vivid emotional story.  Possible buyers should visualize their own families’ enjoyment of their new home.
  • Think of the true power that words can have when used wisely. Think of how powerful a novel can be, with its vivid imagery and emotional character development. Let’s make your home and neighborhood the star of your buyer’s imagination. I challenge you to find one person you have ever met who has felt a renewed passion for life because of one more powder room.
Take the first step toward your Malibu real estate success story by contacting Andy Stern for a free consultation. Together, we’ll create a tailored strategy to achieve your goals and unlock your full potential in the Malibu market. You have nothing to lose by speaking with Andy and a ton to gain. Call 310-804-1913 now to get insight from Andy that you can’t get anywhere else, all on a completely free consult.

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